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Survival Games - Game 1861913251

Want to see game information in more detail? Find the players involved, the time they died? Or maybe you just want to show everyone your epic win... Well this is the page for you!

Game OverviewA Summary

  • Libertas

  • 11 Participants

  • 0 Players in Deathmatch

  • 37 Total Events

  • Began : June 18, 2019, 19:13 CEST

  • Ended: 19:13 CEST

ParticipantsWho started fighting?

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  • 50dd6e95a9da459f8f6998d9443df145

DeathmatchersWho got to DM?

Game Champion Who was the best this game?


with a total of 0 kills! GG!

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