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Survival Games 2

The official Survival Games provider for the original Team Vareide maps that started it all. 24 bees compete in a last man standing game. Are you good enough to survive?

What is Survival Games 2 ?2317567 survivors

Say hello to Survival Games 2.0; a completely brand new version of Survival Games written from the ground-up!

Featuring a brand new combat system, and fresh leaderboards, this game provides a new experience for both classic and new Survival Games players.

To keep the leaderboards accessible to new players, new seasons start every 3 months, with amazing end of season rewards for the best of the best.

Survival Games 2 is compatible with Minecraft versions 1.8 and above, but features popular 1.7 PVP aspects such as classic fishing rods and hunger.

Want to have a 1v1, clan war or casual game with just your friends? Survival Games 2 allows custom servers that fit anywhere between 2 and 24 player, with many customization options.

Check our forum post for more details!

Our Maps

  • SG4: Revamped

  • Survival Games 7

  • Isla Del Rosa

  • Condas

  • Eau De Source

  • Forlorn

  • Catching Fire

  • Washington T.C

  • Libertas

  • SG3: Mini

  • Norvale

  • Madagascar

  • Tectonic Skies

  • Flashpoint

  • Endor

  • Phoenix Country

  • Garrigal

  • Winter Wonderland

  • Calabasas

  • Plateau