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Official Survival Games

The official Survival Games provider for the original Team Vareide maps that started it all. 24 bees compete in a last man standing game. Are you good enough to survive?

What is Official Survival Games ?5721205 survivors

Survival Games is a gametype built around the core of minecraft; surviving. 24 tributes are spawned with nothing on one of the official Vareide maps, with one goal: to be the last alive. You must use your skills to discover supply crates to get weapons and food to aid you on your quest. You can form teams, or kill anything that steps in your way. Just remember, only one person can be the champion.

Watch the featured video to see how to play survival games, and just how much fun it can be. May the blocks forever be in your favour!

Our Maps

  • Breeze Island 2

  • Rustic

  • Seaborgia

  • Shifting Sands

  • Howling Mountains (Teweran SG1)

  • Survival Games 7

  • SteamShire Island

  • Emporium

  • Drybone Valley (Teweran SG2)

  • Survival Games 2 - Revamped

  • Survival Games 4

  • Futuristic City (Teweran SG3)

  • Survival Games 1 - Revamped

  • FyreGames2

  • Isla Del Rosa

  • Forlorn (Valaco SG1)

  • Survival Games 7 - Aftermath

  • Survival Games 6

  • Sequia

  • Eau De Source

  • Siccare

  • Survival Games 8

  • SG4 Xmas

  • SG4: Revamped (HD)

  • Condas

  • Elf

  • Catching Fire

  • Libertas

  • UnknownMap

  • Phoenix County

  • Madagascar