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Cowboys and Indians

The ultimate battle of the ultimate teams. Join us and help defend your teams leader, and capture the opposing teams leader, in the battle of the Cowboys and Indians.

What is Cowboys and Indians ?3834887 Battlers

Cowboys and Indians is a game that puts your team skills to the test. Join a high paced, high octane game that battles two teams against one another. This is... Cowboys and Indians.

Cowboys and Indians tests your skills in the land of teaming and timing. It's important that you plan your moves, ninja skills and hulk smashing might be the difference between a win or lose.

When you are spawned into the game, you're assigned to one of two teams. Either Cowboys or Indians. Cowboys are marked as red players, and have red boots whilst the Indians are yellow with yellow boots.

Your main goal is to protect your leader while capturing the opposing teams leader, leaders are the fine fellows in gold armor! They are your most valuable possesion, treat them like a king!

Capturing a leader is simple, simply run up to the opposing teams leader and right click them. Right clicking the user will put them on your head, once they are on your head run back to your teams capture point.

You can always see where the leader is using the compass. Once the leader is on your head, the compass points to your capture point.If you're a leader, capturing gives you special abilities to help you escape! It's your job to work out which best suites your current situation.

The first team to hit 4 captures wins, so good luck fighters! May the best team win!

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Game RulesPlay by the rules!

  • 1

    Do not abuse map exploits.

  • 2

    Do not leader camp out of map.

  • 3

    Do not refuse to capture leader.

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