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16 players. 4 teams. 1 map. Battle it out with your hero of choice: paint the map, earn your ultimate, and achieve that victory.

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Sploop is a game where you must conquer the map with your teams color! There are 4 teams that battle against each other; the Red Roosters, the Green Geckos, the Purple Panthers and the Orange Oranges. Use your PaintBlaster to fire paintballs and paint the map in your teams color (they also kill people, too!). The team with the most colored blocks will win the round. Oh... you also play as special character with different perks and incredible ultimate abilities.

There are up to five rounds per game, unless a team wins 3 rounds, which means they will instantly become the overall winner!

Want to learn more about Sploop? Watch the trailer above, or read our complete introduction page here!

Our Maps

  • Rocket Science

  • Under The Sea

  • Zones

  • Toy Box

  • Maze

  • Vortex

  • Comet

  • Silo

  • Outline

  • Geometric

  • Platforms

  • Globe

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Game RulesPlay by the rules!

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    No deliberate cross-teaming.

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